Restylish x K-DuBBs Interview


IG: @IamKDuBBs

Restylish: What inspires you?

K-DuBBs: Many things Inspire me but really being able to listen to any of my songs knowing that i can’t be compared to ANYONE. The simple fact that my Catalog is very diverse, gives me a lot of inspiration and motivation to continue making songs and bettering my craft as an Artist! My inspiration comes from all around such as, listening to other music or my own, being around my homies and other creatives, thinking about where i started from where i am now, etc. Even the ability to do this interview gives me so much inspiration and I’m thankful for that!

Restylish: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
K-DuBBs: I see myself on the billboard top 100 charts, having multiple platinum records! i see myself in the process of starting a family while still establishing a SOLID foundations for my Kingdom! i want to own and have at least two Up&Running successful businesses! i See myself tapping into other Careers and building great relationships!
Restylish: 3 words to describe yourself?
K-DuBBs: Passionate, Independent, Driven.
Restylish: What’s the first thing you do in morning? 

K-DuBBs: Before i get out of bed in the morning i try to get back to my fans & DM’s pending on Social Media. I make sure i get my network marketing time in before i start my day.
Restylish: Is there an artist you want to work with that you have not yet had the opportunity to work with? 

K-DuBBs: I have a few artist on the list i would love to work with, that would Travis Scott, the weekend, et.

Restylish: If you were stranded on an island what are the three things that’d, you’d take with you? 

K-DuBBs: tools to build a boat, a machete, fur coat.

Restylish: Which people or books have had the most influence on your growth and why?

K-DuBBs: The people in my circle has had the most influence.
Restylish: What’s your favorite song in your catalog?  

K-DuBBs: My Single Called 2019


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