Restylish x KyLeah Interview


IG: @Kyleah.pruitt

Restylish: Where did your passion for music come from?

KyLeah: My passion for music started pretty early. I grew up singing in my dad’s church and that’s where I first explored creating music and different sounds. I realized that music, is subjective and can be found in literally everything. 

Restylish: What inspires you?

KyLeah: Everything that I come into contact with inspires me! Like I said before, music can be found in anything. Whether that be a breeze sliding between the leaves of an oak tree or the sound of stilettos clicking along the sidewalk. It creates something in us, whether we pay close attention to it or not. Our bodies are made to pick up on these things and it invokes an idea, a physical reaction, a story, an emotion and/or in my case, a melody. So, I find the most joy in taking it all in and trying my best to identify that feeling, to find the melody that in makes in my heart, and then to put words behind it.  I often think “If blank could talk, then what would it say?” and I just go from there. 

Restylish: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

KyLeah: I honestly have no idea as far as details are concerned. I do know that in five years, I will be prospering financially, in a new stage of growth mentally, and overall joyous. However, the road before me has many turns and to say where I’m going to be exactly, in my opinion, is not always up to my discretion. All I can do is work hard, pray, and enjoy the ride. 

Restylish: 3 words to describe yourself?

KyLeah: The three words I would use to describe myself is unique, artistic, and kind. I’m unique because I know that there will never be anyone in existence that is exactly like me which means that it is up to me and only me to define my worth and to experience everything that is involved in who I am. 

I can’t get enough of anything concerning the arts. I’m the most relaxed when reciting a poem or browsing in an art gallery. My fascination with creating an image and working up an emotion, will always be something that I treasure. 

Kindness is a virtue I live by. I’m constantly reminding myself that, “If I were having a bad day, then I would want someone to show me kindness”. Being kind goes a long way and through being kind to others,  it has shown me the importance of being kind to myself as well. 

Restylish: What’s the first thing you do in morning? 

KyLeah: As terrible as it is, recently, the first thing I do is check my phone and that’s because I make plans based on the emails and DMs I get through the night prior. I also set my alarm every night before I go to bed, so it’s also the first thing to wake me up in the morning haha. 

Restylish: Is there an artist you want to work with that you have not yet had the opportunity to work with? 

KyLeah: I would love to do a performance with Common, live! His talent is unmatched when it comes to his lyrical abilities. If he ever ends up reading this, let me know what’s up! 

Restylish: If you were stranded on an island what are the three things that’d you’d take with you? 

KyLeah: So, let me tell you, I’ve thought about this long and hard so forgive me for my realistic answers haha! A must have is a book on all things survival so I can at least have a fighting chance. My next item would be a water filter so I wouldn’t have to worry about drinking contaminated water. Lastly, it would honestly have to be a machete and that’s to help with food, protection, and building a raft to get out of there. 

Restylish: Which people or book have had the most influence on your growth and why?

KyLeah: A book that definitely had the most influence on me growing up is Schooled by Gordon Korman. Just to give a quick summary, it’s about a young hippie who grew up on a farm with his grandmother in an alternative community and has recently been integrated into 8th grade at a public school. This book had a big influence on me because although people thought he was out of the ordinary, he never changed himself. It helped me build my confidence in who I was and to never apologize for the quirks and kinks that made me, Ky’Leah! I realized no one would ever be me and that’s beyond okay. If anything, it added sprinkles to the cake. 

Restylish: What’s your favorite song in your catalog?  

KyLeah: This changes so often, it’s crazy! It’s unreleased, but I’ll dish a few features out. This song is in regards to the African American  people and all that we have been through and all that we are. It’s one of the few raps/spoken word that are going to be on the album. Oops, did I say album?

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