Thinking the faster that I go
The faster that I will reach my goal
The race is not given to the swift
But to the one who endureth.
I thought that all of my obstacles were behind me.
Walking around like I’m made out of diamond.
I tripped and fell and it reminded me to move over and let the angels guide me.

The sound and taste of summer.

These Girls Know Summer Very Well, They Wait For It, Like They Wait For Love, All Winter. Summer Is Not Just A Season To These Girls, It’s More Than Holidays, Beaches, Sunny Weather, More Than Just Heat. It’s Barefoot On The Cement As You Rush Through The Sprinklers Like When You Were A Kid, It’s Bikinis On The Floor Of The Shower And Strewn Over The Hot And Cold Taps, It’s Ripping Pages Of Makeup And Products From Vogue And Pasting Them Into Large, Blank Notebooks To Share And Read Together On A Blanket In The Grass. It’s The Smell Of The Grill, Friends Laughing, Chopping Pineapple And Skewering Shrimp, It’s Stringing Christmas Lights Over The Backyard And Turning Them On At Night To Lie Under And Talk About Boyfriends. It’s Sand In The Bed After A Long Day At The Beach, Stretching Out In A Vintage One Piece On A Quilt Made From Patches Of Your Favorite Colors, Reading Weetzie Bat Out Loud And Waiting For The Boys To Come And Share The Shade Of Your Umbrella. It’s The Taste Of Salt From The Ocean As You Rinse Off Under The Outdoor Showers, Turning Your Head Upside Down And Letting The Fresh Water Pour Down Your Face.
If the day and the night are such that you greet them with joy, and life emits a fragrance like flowers and sweet-scented herbs, is more elastic, more starry, more immortal — that is your success.

Thoughts of she.

You gotta do what others won’t, to get what others won’t. Self belief is highly important in everything you do. You gotta believe in order to achieve. Let nothing but positive vibes, thoughts, and people in your life. One negative thought will only have power if you let it continue. Watch your thoughts as you would watch a new born baby, daily. Keep your dreams alive by being awake in them and keeping them going. What you do, think, say, or decide now can either have a positive or negative effect in your life later, so if you want your later to be brighter you just start creating and molding it together today. Choose who gets your time wisely, including yourself. It’s all about the decisions you make and the actions you wake up and do everyday. Nothing will change unless you change it. You gotta know what you want and chase after it until you get it. Make sure what you want is good for your heart, mind, and soul. Sometimes we want what we think other people would want us to want. Sounds crazy but it’s the truth. That’s why when we get something we thought we wanted we end up not caring for it most of the time.

We become what we think about.

It appears that the brain and nervous system are influenced by mental images. What we have thought about, from the time we are children, tends to be how we view life. What we have been told by an authority figure, often repeatedly and with a great deal of emotion, tends to stay with us. This is how negative programming takes place. We hear these things so often that they tend to be the lenses through which we view life.

They say time is money but really it’s not
If we ever go broke boy, then time is all we got
And you can’t make that back, no you can’t make that back