Restylish Radio back! Restylish Radio back!

Back by popular demand. Nah, back by phone calls and convos with friends needing motivation and inspiration in their lives. Had a conversation with a close friend who wanted to record my words and play them while running or working out for that extra push, which got me to thinking it’s about that time to bring Restylish Radio back. I got you!!!!!

In the meantime…. In between time, enjoy some sounds and mixes I’ve put together (Here)

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Thoughts of she.

You gotta do what others won’t, to get what others won’t. Self belief is highly important in everything you do. You gotta believe in order to achieve. Let nothing but positive vibes, thoughts, and people in your life. One negative thought will only have power if you let it continue. Watch your thoughts as you would watch a new born baby, daily. Keep your dreams alive by being awake in them and keeping them going. What you do, think, say, or decide now can either have a positive or negative effect in your life later, so if you want your later to be brighter you just start creating and molding it together today. Choose who gets your time wisely, including yourself. It’s all about the decisions you make and the actions you wake and do everyday. Nothing will change unless you change it. You gotta know what you want and chase after it until you get it. Make sure what you want is good for your heart, mind, and soul. Sometimes we want what we think other people would want us to want. Sounds crazy but it’s the truth. That’s why when we get something we thought we wanted we end up not caring for it most of the time.