J.cole: The Sideline Story (Video)


I put my heart and soul in this game, I’m feelin’ drainExplained
Unappreciated, unalleviated
Tired of comin’ up short, fuck abbreviated
Want my whole name spelled out, my own pain spilled out
No pain, no gain, I blow brains, Cobain
Throw flames, Liu Kang, the coach ain’t help out, so I call my own shots
I’m David Blaine, I’m breakin’ out of my own box, you stay the same
But homie if you change, man you change for the better.

Ps: The time is now, couldn’t be more herer
My reign gonna last like 3-4 eras
Say hello to the real, I can be your hero.


Some of us just want it more than others so we go after it more than others. We all got limitations and speed bumps. Some speed bumps  bigger or tougher than others, but if we just remember that they’re only speed bumps we can get over if we get through then we can keep on keeping on in a stronger sense.