Say what…..

When you get older you begin to not only see when change happens, but you feel it. You see your friends grow apart from you. The ones that grow with you are the real ones as many would say. But nothing is for certain in this cold world. What you have now you may not have tomorrow. The thoughts you have now you won’t have in a minute. We can’t control every little thing in our lives as far as what others do or say. We can watch our thoughts and we can keep learning. We can change ourselves for the better or be pushed into it. Most of us wait til it’s too late. Most of us don’t see that we need to change. It’s like life is cut into 4 to 5 sections and every few years we experience a section. It’s up to us to make sure we are ready for each section. You must fight now for your future so you can grow in the right direction. Change we can’t control will push us hard, but you built your self like you’re stacking bricks. You don’t built yourself with weak or cracked bricks. You make sure you use every quality brick. That way you’ll be strong and solid. That way no storm can phase you. You gotta stay open though. How else will you let love and joy in. Don’t build your bricks to block but built them to get lifted in a sense you’re strong but your mind is light or the air flowing in your brick house is light.

– Sara

Interview: Chase N. Cashe

Chase N. Cashe 


Restylish: What does it take to get to the top of the tree?

Chase N. Cashe: Gotta start from the bottom of the roots and work your way up. 

Restylish: What inspires you?

 Chase N. Cashe: Everyday life & the people / surroundings involved in it. Simple as that. 

Restylish: Music is?

Chase N. Cashe: My preferred form of expression creatively.

Restylish: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Chase N. Cashe: Still around at the tender age of 29 making quality music…hopefully on the cover of GQ a few times. 

Restylish: Can you multitask?

Chase N. Cashe: Yes I’m doing as such right now..eating food & doing a interview. 

Restylish: Do you have a muse?

Chase N. Cashe: Yes I do & she keeps me on my toes artistically.

Restylish: What’s your main influence music wise?

Chase N. Cashe: Myself. I influence myself at this period in life. I wake up everyday experiencing new things and that motivates me to make music. 

Restylish: Is there an artist you want to work with that you have not yet had the opportunity to work with?

 Chase N. Cashe: Yes I’d like to work with Diplo. 

Restylish: If you were stranded on an island what are the three things that’d you’d take with you?

Chase N. Cashe: Food. FL Studio. & Wi-Fi so I can sell some beats via internet. 

Restylish: Any projects you have in the making?

Chase N. Cashe: Currently pushing “The Heir Up There” hosted by DJ Drama right now…all other projects will be announced over time. Gotta keep the mystique up. 


Restylish: What drives you to accomplish your goals? 

Chase N. Cashe: The lack of having things! 


Restylish: Love or Money?

Chase N. Cashe: Money because Love can’t be counted. Love will be there if its won’t. 

Restylish: Your favorite song that you’ve produced? 

Chase N. Cashe: “Inner Me” by Chase N. Cashe 

Restylish: How do you feel after you hit play on a finished project?

Chase N. Cashe: Proud & prepared to start on the next one. 


Restylish: If you had to listen to one artist for the rest of your life, who would it be?

Chase N. Cashe: In all honesty it’d be a tie between Tupac & Jay-Z. Hard decision to make. 

I will not hate for you or even hate you!

Could this be 
Love from high 
New frontier 
Whose this guy 
You’re so wise 
I’m so good 
Like summertime 
You’d had it all 
Build a wall 
Ten feet tall 
Now I laugh at it all 
Out my mind 
Just in time 
Never knew… 
I was blind 
What it through 
I can’t see there 
Mama say 
Let there be 
Said and done 
I can’t feel 
I am numb 
Bitter dream 
Fruit so raw 
Winter cold 
Let me out 
I know you 
Do you hear me 

Out my mind, 
just in time