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You see, I had finally grasped the central lesson of my own adventures: if you keep going when everyone tells you to quit; if you press on even when you have been told it’s all over; if you ignore the singing of the fat lady and the falling of the curtain; if you drive on, even when it’s dark and even in the rain, then you win.

– @srestylish

Mixtape: D-rep’s (Like there’s no tomorrow)




1. Intro

2. Cloud 9

3. Round Trip

4. She will

5. Tea Party pt.1

6. Gucci Gucci

7.  Flight Club 1.0 Ft. @IamJoshhB

8. Sure thing

9. Otis

10. Tony Montana

11. How to love

12. 6’7

13. Tea Party pt.2

14. Look at me now

15. Ladies Love me

16. Hunnit 

17. John 

18. LikeTheres No Tomorrow

19. In my cup

20. I Want It All Ft. @ONLY1TWO


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“As long as you seek for something, you will get the shadow of reality and not reality itself.”

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s mind there are few.”  

“The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.” 

“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.”

“Great Faith. Great Doubt. Great Effort. – The three qualities necessary for training.”

– @srestylish





























The Restylishville Mixtape hosted by: Nino of Oddz.n.Endz

The Restylishville Mixtape hosted by: Nino of Oddz.N.Endz


1. The Restylishville INTRO by: Nino @incognino @oddznenz

2. Gucci Gucci by: D-rep @drepfam

3. The Mack by: TWO @only1two

4. Slapped by: Rufus Mcduffie @rufus_mcduffie

5. The City by: Joe Clark

6. Flight Club 1.0 by: D-rep @drepfam

7. The Restylishville INTERLUDE by: Nino @incognino

8. Soul Echo by: Two ft. Dana Harmon @only1two

9. Reportin’ Live by: Rufus Mcduffie @rufus_mcduffie

10. Round trip by: D-rep @drepfam

11. F-ck a chorus by: D-rep @drepfam

12. Amazing by: Two ft. C-Ride & PI BANG @only1two

13. Otis Freestyle by: D-rep @drepfam

14. Guiding Light by: Two ft. Maika

15. The call by: C-rious of D-rep @c_rious @Drepfam

16. No Pressure by: Two ft. Joe Clark @ONLY1TWO @IAMJOECLARK

17. Going in for the kill by: Joe Clark ft. Wreck Wregular, Prote-J

18. Sippin’ by: Goose ft. Oddz.N.Endz @thelifeofgoose @oddznendz

19. The Restylishville OUTRO by: Nino @incognino

20. Round trip (Slowed down) Bonus by: D-rep @drepfam

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