Behind the scenes with D-rep

Video shoot for the upcoming mixtape and photo-shoot with C-Rious and Chabo.

For more on D-rep’s music and upcoming Projects follow them on twitter @Drepfam & @Restylishfam.

Listen & download their new music here: (Soundcloud1, Soundcloud2)



As D-rep works on their upcoming mixtape you can come on by and view some visuals on the whole project. The purpose here is to show you all the process behind the music so you can some what look forward to it. I will also be releasing some of the songs on the RestylishVille summer Mixtape and Soundcloud all for free 99. Enjoy it while you got it. 😉

@drepfam @restylishfam


Enjoy it while you got it. Enjoy it while you’re living in it. Savior the memories. Enjoy the people around you. Enjoy the weather. Enjoy the palm trees. Enjoy every smile. Don’t just live it, feel it. Feel it all. Go everywhere, whenever, however. Love it all.