Thoughts of she.

I feel like I owe you all some words, some updates, something. I haven’t wrote to you all since my blogspot days really. Everything I’m about to write is my opinion so take nothing as a fact or a way to do it or what not. All I know is that I got some new instrumentals in my inbox and they have inspired me to write. Sound, good sounds with nice drums do that to me.
What women like?
What is a huge turn on for me in a man is when they have a plan. When a man knows what he wants and how to get it. Another thing, when he’s good at something and doesn’t know he’s good at it. When a man does his job his own way and is great at doing it. Just a man that knows what he’s doing when he’s doing what he’s doing. Nothing better than watching a man work and work good. Make sense? oui? Great… Lol
What do we like to see you men in, or not in?
No flip flops. Nothing manly about flip flops. I’m sure some of you men don’t like seeing some women in flip flops either. But then again I have seen some handsome men with pretty feet and I HATE FEET. Yuck. But most men don’t have pretty feet so keep em hidden or in socks or something.
This whole cargo shorts fitted v-neck look. YES!! You’re behind looks great in them and the fitted v-neck shows us how you’re built. We love arms especially ones that have been worked out.
No wooden chains ever, please. The earrings? NO! How old are you?…. A watch! YES! please.
Make sure your shoes and teeth are always clean. Seems simple right? and common sense. But you’d be surprised.
to be continued…. ๐Ÿ™‚

(Let me know what you thought of this)

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Restylish Clothing’s Photo-shoot with Alexandra Amor. BTS

Here are some behind the scenes shots I took with my camera phone. Never underestimate the power of a camera phone, but then again I’ve heard that it’s the photographer not the camera. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Make-up by: Tamica Turner

Hair by: Sara Sloussi (yours truly)

Photos by: Sara Sloussi

Clothing by: Restylish

Styling by: Sara Sloussi

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Restylish Radio session 1

Welcome to the Restylish Radio recorded conversation sessions. Most of you have tuned in to watch us live on ustream before this session and got an exclusive look at the interview Restylish did with upcoming artist Alexandra Amor. For the ones who missed out we have a video coming for you all real soon, no worries. In the mean time everyone can enjoy a little girl talk based on different relationship scenarios. Yours truly and my host keeceepee will be taking suggestions on subject matter for our next recorded session on the Restylish Radio’s twitter page. Send us feedback and any questions you have. We are more than happy to answer your questions. Also make sure to follow us for updates on the show, new music, motivation, and when we will airing live on ustream.

Special thanks to our Producers: Gemini Productions

Custom make your own Restylish T-shirt

I know you all have been waiting for this. I love my city and I love that everyone wants their own custom made t-shirt in it and since you all in Orlando & Kissimmee have that advantage it’s only right I give everyone else around the world the opportunity to create their own Restylish T-shirt. You can pick and choose from any previous Restylish T-shirt collection and switch the color way on it. Anything you want Restylish will make happen. If you have any questions I’ll be more than happy to answer them for you. Email me at:

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Are you ready for Restylish Radio?

Restylish Radio is an online based radio show with advice, motivation, and conversation that will help you at your toughest times yet motivate you in a positive learning matter. Yours truly & Kee cee pee will be bringing you girl talk that will help both sides of the party. We will be interviewing upcoming artist in every session and soon enough taking calls from you all. Welcome me with a cup of starbucks java and a slurpee for kee cee pee. Come grow with us on an adventure that’ll always steer you in the right direction.

Photos taken by: Kevin of UMI
Make-up by: Tamica Turner

Restylish Radio coming soon.

It may be what you’re thinking but what I’m thinking is probably not what you’re thinking. I know I know. Doesn’t make sense now but it will. Ladies I got your back and guys I got your mind. Me and Kee cee pee have something coming your way that may change your life in a good way. This will help you mentally grow & entertain you all at one. I’m trying to tell you without telling you. It’ll all make sense soon enough. xxxo. -Sara