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Measuring the Savior-ness of Blake Griffin

You could see it coming, albeit it took an extra year to truly surface. You could feel the woosh as it swept by, but that feeling was never quite as strong as it is now. Too bad it didn’t have an odor, for if it did, the smell would undoubtedly make you cringe, more so for its authority than the stench. This force of nature, the amazingly nimble, slippery, yet destructively dangerous power that exploded out of this young NBA season was supposed to happen.

But not like this.

Blake Griffin shouldn’t be doing what he’s doing. The NBA has seen a lot of great athletes over the course of its 63 years of existence, but hardly any have ever sought and destroyed the way Griffin has through his first 14 games. The not-so-rookiesque line of 18.5 points and 10.9 rebounds a game is scary in itself. But those digits are almost tame compared to the brutality the 2009 No. 1 overall pick is unleashing on both NBA rims and inquiring opposition across the country. His banishment to the jayvee team in Los Angeles and a year off, thanks to a stress fracture in his left knee, must’ve made us all forget.

The Los Angeles Clippers aren’t known for much of anything besides failure. They’ve taken many a talented player and turned them into mush, caricatures of themselves. Back when they were stationed in San Diego, the Clippers acquired the once-great Bill Walton, whose foot issues became increasingly troublesome once he got there. He was never the same again. Reoccurring knee issues, which were almost immediate once he donned the Clipper white, red and blue, zapped the basketball zeal right out of Danny Manning, leaving the No. 1 overall pick in the 1988 Draft a part-time player. The Clippers also made Michael Olowokandi and Darius Miles two of their highest Draft picks in team history, and two of the biggest busts in League history. And now Baron Davis is the latest victim, a once spectacular mix of skill and athleticism, morphing into a bloated, numbed version of something that was once so promising. Not all of this was their fault. You can’t blame Donald Sterling for everything. Yet it seems like tragedy is consistently following the franchise.

That cloud, that dreaded mask of negativity passes over no one. Fans hoped last season’s injury was enough setback for their latest savior. Nope, it still hangs around, a foreboding horizon.

It took less than a month of this season for eyebrows to start raising at Griffin. No doubt, he has probably been head coach Vinny Del Negro’s most consistent player thus far, beginning with a fabulous 20 and 14 outing on opening night against Portland. But L.A. has stumbled to a 1-13 start. As one loss begets another and another, those Ls piling up in a heap, there were signs. Against the Pacers last Thursday night, the same dazed and beaten look that’s so familiar to Clipper fans was there once again with Griffin as he roosted on the bench during a 107-80 Pacer win.

ESPN’s Bill Simmons, a Clipper “default” super-fan, described that look like this: I knew this could be bad, and I’d been warned by everybody, but still, I didn’t know it would be THIS bad.

In the course of an 82-game season, stretching from late-October until mid-April, with many nights spent in the dead of a Minnesota storm or in the boredom of a back-to-back in Charlotte, that feeling could easily overcome a rookie. It’s basically expected.

Can one night change everything? All of that despair, dejection and hopelessness, can it all be destroyed with one tremendous 39 minute performance? Amar’e Stoudemire might think so. Danilo Gallinari knows so…he met that beast head on and came away whimpering. But Griffin’s mind-bending 44 point, 15 rebound, 7 assist outing on Saturday night against the Knicks, a game so complete that no other rookie has put up numbers quite like it since Oscar Robertson did over 50 years ago, has everyone on edge.

That entire game was like one long eclipse, Griffin seemingly gaining steam as the night went along. He was hitting fadeaways off the glass, and trying to dunk whenever he touched the ball. By the fourth quarter, every time the rookie got anywhere close to the basketball, you could hear the collective hum of the crowd grow anxiously. Even on the court, Stoudemire had to raise an eyebrow at Griffin, obviously partly impressed, but also in shock. That entire arena was ready to give Blake Griffin a standing ovation until April, overjoyed to have hope. Hell, he started receiving MVP chants towards the end of the game. In a loss. As a rookie. No one does that.

Clipper studio analyst Don MacLean said after the night was over: “It wasn’t a game. It was a performance.” For Griffin, there’s no telling what might lie ahead.

More than likely, the curse of the Clipper won’t be vanishing any time soon. More than likely, Blake Griffin will flee the scene before it improves. That’s what’s expected, or at least par for the course when it comes to being a Clipper. You either fade, like Baron Davis. Or you leave. But, whoever said Griffin was just “par?” Off the court, he might be normal, but on it? Lord help your soul if you are between him and the rim. Regular need not ever come to describe Blake Griffin.

Lets just hope for the sake of the NBA, and for the sake of the fans, the Clippers not only fail to soak up Griffin’s ambition, power and highlight-driven game, but that Griffin carries them along with him for the ride.

He’s made them relevant. Now hopefully Griffin will make them winners.


Click to watch Blake Griffin spin move on the break, and dunk on Gallo.

Channeling Your Inner Energy

When you are using your inner energy to meet your own career goals you will find it far more satisfying in life. There are practices to get your inner energy to come out and this will help you find your career objectives in life. With the law of attraction, anything is going to be possible. All you must do is set your mind to it and make things work for you.

Do not get discouraged if everything does not go your way at work. You need to think about the issue and then work hard towards goals that are going to help the situation. Once you have a plan of action figured out you will be more capable of making certain choices and get to the place you want to be in life with both your personal and your business goals.

Having an advanced level of energy is important when you are trying to get something that you really desire. If you want to become a great success in life, you should think about the things that will help you get there. Do not let anything stand in your way of having the happiness that you have earned. There will be troubles in life and the only way to make the good come out is to be prepared for it. Letting things stand in your way is something that you should never allow.

Using the law of attraction to get your career objectives accomplished is something that you should try hard to do. You are going to feel better knowing that you put all of your effort into it and that you are getting the results that you have been hoping for. It is going to be something that makes you feel good inside and out. Coming to see how you can get what you desire from your business career is important.

Do not permit anything get in your way. Be relentless and work hard to be who you want to be. This is going to mean that you need to work hard at achieving the respect in your business life as well as your personal life. Be sure that you are doing everything that you can so that you are not making poor decisions towards your business objectives.

Do not forget that maintaining your business goals is something that you need to do. The way we feel about our financial life is going to decide how we feel inside. Do not fret if you do not achieve your business objectives right away. You should understand that this is going to take time. You have to be willing to go and know that it will take time. Using the law of attraction is going to give you the self assurance that you need to realize it is going to happen for you.

When something goes astray in life you should understand that you have to get back up and keep trying. Do not let anything stand in your way and make things more difficult for you. Regardless if it is business or personally related, you must stay strong and work hard. Part of the law of attraction method is that you need to be strong when it comes to making mistakes. Do not allow anything to stand in your way because you have earned the right to have the best and when you utilize the law of attraction; you are going to be able to make goals come true for you.

Louise de Lorraine

Louise de Lorraine was the wife of Henry the Third of France, who was murdered by the monk Jacques Clément. Before Henry was murdered, he sent a note to his wife telling her to wait for him at Chenonceau, and she did. When Henry did not return, Louise took to her room where she painted it black and decorated it with symbols of death. She only wore white and all she said was prayers for eleven years of her life. She died in 1601.

What Makes a Woman.

A girl is only as hot as her lingerie….I always say. It’s no longer about the cutesy lace and miniature ribbons these days; modern women want something strong and bold, just like themselves.The not-so-recent collaboration between design GENIUS Jean Paul Gaultier and the fabulous Lingerie brand La Perla are prime examples of the contemporary twist on this classic undergarment. Sculpted cups make a reappearance from Gaultier’s material girl past, while Victorian boned corsets are updated with modern motifs and silhouettes. The best is yet to come, regarding your bloomers and bras.

Can’t Keep Runnin’

It’s taking longer than usual for my legs to warm up, the cool  fog chilling me to the core.  He decided to run with me today, to get some quality time in.  I appreciate the effort.

I turn on the Run+ in my Nike’s and all of a sudden hear Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’”.  I’m warming up and singing to myself, feelin’ a little like Rocky Balboa meets Glee. Singing and running, running and singing… I almost forget he’s running next to me, matching my stride perfectly.

He motions for me to take one ear bud out, he needs to tell me something.   Oh.   It’s just wedding stuff.   I’m starting to get anxious as he goes through the names of his groomsmen.   I break my stride when he mentions venues.     My breathing is getting tight, heartbeat erratic.  Why does he do this to me?  Why do I keep doing this to myself?

I feel suffocated.  This isn’t right.

I run faster. He refuses to miss a step.  The faster I run, the freer I feel and the faster he runs, the less talking he does.   Is that mean?  I don’t care.

He’s motioning for me to slow down but I don’t want to.  The shuffle start’s blastin’ Pharcyde.  How fitting.  

“So I stood up and let my free form form
free I don’t sweat it I let the bullshit blow in the breeze
in other words just freeze.   Can’t keep runnin’ away…”

I feel a tug at my arm and an urgent look in his face.

“Can you just stop running for a SECOND and focus on what’s important?”  he screams.

He’s right.

“Thank you.” he says with a slight hint of sarcasm.

“No.  Thank you….But….”

He’s watching me now.  He begged for my attention, and here I have his completely and my coward ass can’t even look him in the face.

“I just.  I just can’t.”

I slip the ring off my now warmed up fingers and put it into his frozen hands.

I turn around and take one step at a time, until I find my stride again, and I won’t think about my next step until after I stop running.

Pranayama breathing.  Half moon.  Standing head to knee.  Savasana.   I am at my yoga studio, in my sanctuary.  I am having a good physical practice, my leg is solid, my knee is locked, but I cannot focus.   I see my form in the mirror.

Final savasana.  I’m looking up at the twinkling stars on the ceiling, hearing my instructor tell me to look inside myself.. to not break my stride.  Outside forces do not compare to the force inside myself.  That is none to be reckoned with.